Resort Wear Lingerie swimwear
Resort Wear Lingerie swimwear
Resort Wear Lingerie swimwear

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Sassy Chassis in the News...Read it HERE

Thank you Debra Bass of the St. Louis Post Dispatch for including "Sassy Chassis" in an article alongside "Hanky Panky", a celebrated brand by another St. Louis designer.

The Sassy Blog


Whether it’s the ongoing demands of schedules and deadlines; at work or at home; the din of the news or the pressure that we put upon ourselves and sometimes others; what I have learned as an entrepreneur but more importantly as a member of the human species is this: time out” is important. Not the kind of “time out” that one might think of as a punishment, but rather, “time out” for one’s self. Whether it’s school or work or family or all of those things combined, giving our selves permission to take a break for just a little while is important. It can provide us with inner peace, pure fun and some wonderful insights. It can be a staycation, a retreat, a road trip or a long - distance vacation. It really
doesn’t matter, if it provides you with both calm and perhaps a little excitement as well.

One of the most important things that has carried me through both good times and bad; is connecting with other human beings; particularly in nature. Since I was a child, going with my family to our clubhouse in “the country” (now a suburb) those times offered me the opportunity to run freely and experience the treasures of the sights and sounds of the outdoors. I would swing so high on our swing that I thought that I might land in a cloud. Then I would fearlessly jump off taking flight for a moment and safely land on the ground. I would have races through the tall grasses with my cousin, Steve; listen to the voices and laughter of my mother and her sisters; and watch my Dad as he mowed the grass in
preparation for the guests. With a loving smile, he welcomed other family members and prepared the barbecue with my uncles’ assistance– it was clearly his “happy place”. My Mom would refer to the clubhouse as Daddy’s “mistress”. The smells in the air, the aroma of barbecue, the sounds of the cicadas, the greetings of our relatives and cousins to play with, provided a music and rhythm that was intoxicating.

I recently have had the privilege of meeting up with old camp friends in Maine, a destination unknown to me. I had no idea what to expect, but what I knew for sure was that I was going on adventure with two lifetime girlfriends who I hadn’t seen in years. For months I waited in anticipation for the this long awaited reunion. I was very happy and excited to spend time with these forever young friends in the outdoors. The trip exceeded my expectations. Our long walks, our hikes through Acadia National Forest; exploring the quaint little town of Bar Harbour and taking trips out into the waters of the harbor and into the Atlantic were spectacular. There were eagles high up in the trees, seals on larger boulders, warmth and then chilly winds. Climbing high up in the forest we overlooked the ocean and saw whales doing their dance and delighting us with their blow holes. And of course, there were the delicious lobster feasts. It was a magical time for all of us; “far from the maddening crowd” one might say. It was a time filled with laughter and love; a time when we rarely spoke of work or news; and I will forever have these beautiful memories tucked in my heart and mind to remind me.

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