• Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand – the Non-Manicured Perspective

    From my armchair perspective, which is currently exactly where I sit as I recover from a toe joint replacement (amazing technology!); I’ve had time to think, listen and observe more. It may seem incongruous for a designer and business woman to be moved to share these observations, but I feel that it’s as important, perhaps more so at this moment, than sharing my latest collection or design. I’ve had the honor of being on the recipient end of being reached out to and being touched by another’s hand.

    I have asked my mostly women friends and family to help me during the post op process ( a most vulnerable time) and they have been more than willing to generously bring me a meal, pay me a visit, offer me “healing touch” therapy, call me long distance, sit and watch a movie, share good conversation and laughter, run an errand, walk my dog…this to me is humanity in its finest hour. My garden of women friends, whose seeds of friendship were planted long ago, are greater philanthropists and “got your backers” than I could ever imagine. I’m both touched and fulfilled.

    My cup runneth over with love and gratitude for these precious gifts. In this beautiful season of new beginnings, I wish you all a Very Happy Easter and Passover.